Crafted By Experience

Introducing Brave Bicycles

Built for a simple need

Brave Bicycles was founded by Jake and Mike, a father-son bike shop owning team. After many years of selling youth bicycles in their local communities, they discovered two things:

1. All parents want their kids to ride safe, lightweight, durable, and easy to pedal bikes, and

2. Many parents are reluctant to pay bike-shop brand prices for a 12”, 16”, or 20” bicycle that their child might soon outgrow.

Carefully crafted to last

So Jake and Mike decided to design their own line of youth bicycles. These bikes would provide all the quality and features of a bike shop brand youth bike, without that bike shop brand price. To accomplish this, they used their years of shared experience, spoke with other local bike shop owners, and surveyed parents and customers. Then, using everything they learned and utilizing a no-compromises design approach to function, features, and form, they set out to create the Brave Bicycles line. Brave Bicycles are built to stand the test of time, and to roll with your family through many years of wonderful cycling-made memories.Thank you for considering Brave Bicycles. Here's to a lifetime of happy riding!

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